What Stace had to say on Monday, December 3rd, 2007
Addicted to IMDB

Somebody has to stop me. I’m actually finding excuses to look things up on IMDB. And I’m seriously wasting entire afternoons (like, um, this one) just wandering around there. Reading Trivia. Reading the discussion boards. Hopping from one entry to the next, stuffing myself full of useless facts when I should be working. (In my defense, early this morning I scrapped the 2k I wrote last night and rewrote it, so while I haven’t advanced my word count past 74k [where it is currently] I have actually worked. But still. That’s a pretty weak defense.)

I can’t seem to stop. Hubs and I will watch a movie, or a TV show. We’ll idly wonder who someone is. I’ll leap for the computer…and there I’ll stay, long after answering the original (trumped-up) question, reading interesting tidbits about Saffron Burrows (bisexual; who knew?) or the guy who played Carlo in The Godfather (has a crush on Victoria Gotti). Long after the hubs has finally gone to his nightly rest I’m still here, my eyes aching as I obsessively read about old movies, new movies, who’s married to who…

In fact, this is a short post because I have IMDB open in another tab, and I’m in the middle of something there, it’s very important research I swear, I mean, you never know what might come in handy right? Right? *bites nails, gives unhinged laugh* So I, uh, I have to go now, because, um, the Faerie needs me! Yes she needs me so…tell me about your time wasters and…I’ll be back later or something.

14 comments to “Addicted to IMDB”

  1. Karen Erickson
    · December 3rd, 2007 at 11:39 am · Link

    That site is a great source for exactly what you mentioned – What the heck is that guy’s name in this movie?? LOL I’ve used it for that more than once and once you’re in there, you start clicking and clicking…


  2. Anonymous
    · December 3rd, 2007 at 12:33 pm · Link

    So I guess I shouldn’t mention how brilliant a movie Perfume is?

    Seeley d

  3. Anonymous
    · December 3rd, 2007 at 2:10 pm · Link

    I love the trivia too and use it to look up quotes all the time. One of my favorite things to do is work movie quotes into normal coversation and see if anyone catches it -they usually don’t but I laugh inwardly and get a kick out of it. -V95

  4. McKoala
    · December 3rd, 2007 at 8:54 pm · Link

    My time waster? All these blogs. Just stop it. Stop this blogging…oh can’t hang, gotta go check somebody else’s blog…

  5. Angie
    · December 4th, 2007 at 2:13 am · Link

    When you’re writing fanfic, IMDB is working. 😉

    Other times, though, not so much. And yeah, it’s easy to start hopping from entry to entry.

    The time-waster I spend the most time on, though, is a little game called Sherlock. I’ve had this game through multiple versions, from way back when it was a DOS game. It’s a logic puzzle (duh) sort of like the ones you see occasionally with the table. You know, where you’re given a table with six men’s names, six women’s names, six kids’ names, six cars, six pets, six jobs, and you have to figure out which goes with which and what order the houses are in on the block based on a list of clues like, “John is not married to Alice, who lives three doors down from Wendy,” or whatever.

    Sherlock takes away the word-problem aspect and makes it all symbolic, with row clues and column clues and a grid you fill in by clicking. I absolutely heart this game and can play it for an hour or more, go write for ten minutes, then play for another hour. [headdesk]


  6. December/Stacia
    · December 4th, 2007 at 4:00 am · Link

    Yes, Karen, you do. And the funny thing is I used to never go there, or I would and then would just leave. I think I’m avoiding writing. Last time I was avoiding writing I baked. This time I’m on a diet so I’m wandering around IMDB. Sigh.

    I’d love to see it, Seeley. I read the book years ago and really liked it, but it’s almost impossible to get to the movies here so…I’ll get it on DVD.

    I do that all the time, V95! The hubs and I can have whole conversations with each other using movie quotes. My Dad used to give one of Marlon Brando’s speeches from The Godfather to his eployees all the time, because it was a cool speech and he wanted to see if anyone caught it. :-)

  7. December/Stacia
    · December 4th, 2007 at 4:02 am · Link

    Lol McKoala. I’ve been trying to stay away from the blogs a bit because I have so much work to do…and then I get obsessed with imdb, so you see how strong my willpower is.

    Yep, Angie, I guess it is! :-) I am going to work very hard not to hunt that game up online because it sounds like the kind of thing I would become obsessed with. I love those logic word puzzles.

  8. Anonymous
    · December 4th, 2007 at 8:10 am · Link

    “My Dad used to give one of Marlon Brando’s speeches from The Godfather to his eployees all the time, because it was a cool speech and he wanted to see if anyone caught it.”

    That’s hilarious -what a cool boss. -V95

    · December 4th, 2007 at 8:30 am · Link

    YouTube has become a huge time suck around our house. I think we spent 3 hours watching talking cats the other night. Our favorite video games set to ridiculous music have also proven unduly absorbing.

    I’m so simple minded, the image generator when playing music on the PS3 has the power to hypnotize me. I put in some tunes to put me in a writing mood, and an hour later, I’m still staring at the screen. “Ooh, that looks like a deep underwater cavern. Ooh, we’re coming out of the ocean! Ooh, the plains. Ooh, snow-capped mountains. LAVA! AWESOME!” Best thing I’ve seen on TV in years… o.O

  10. BernardL
    · December 4th, 2007 at 8:40 am · Link

    Knowledge is a powerful drug, even when not real world helpful. :)

  11. Demon Hunter
    · December 4th, 2007 at 1:21 pm · Link

    I’ve used IMDB for years, but after my question is answered, I leave the site. I have to check it when I write movies so that I won’t use a recent title. Message Boards and blogs take up most of my online time. Like now, I’m at work!! LOL! :X

  12. Charles Gramlich
    · December 4th, 2007 at 8:32 pm · Link

    Lana will do this too, leap to the computer to look up some obscure actor in a film we’re watching. I might ask the question, “who is that,” but I almost never really care about the answer.

  13. December/Stacia
    · December 5th, 2007 at 3:24 am · Link

    Yep, V95, my Dad is pretty cool when he wants to be. He was Airforce, btw, in Vietnam–an Airforce fireman.

    Oh, don’t even get me started on YouTube, Kerry! The hubs and I once spent an entire evening watching Will Ferrell SNL clips and Wierd Al videos. And lol on the image generator, I’ve fallen into that trap too.

    Oh, Bernard, you’re so sweet to enable me like that.

    Ah, surfing on the company dime, DH, lol. I try to just get off IMDB, but I just can’t help myself. It’s like a drug.

    Ah Charles, your wife is a woman after my own heart. I have to know!

  14. Camille Alexa
    · December 8th, 2007 at 10:48 pm · Link

    I’m actually finding excuses to look things up on IMDB.

    Mein Gott!! That’s me! I do that! I’ll reach for the laptop in the middle of a freakin’ movie and turn it on just to look up characters or plot details of directors or some crap.

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