What Stace had to say on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
I’m Your Slave

So…I know you’ve all been following the Suvudu story-in-the-round A GLIMPSE OF DARKNESS, right? Of course you have been. How often do you get to tell writers what do do, right? And they have to listen.

Well…it’s my turn. Yes, this week, you get to vote on what you want me to write, and I have to obey.

Kelly Meding’s Chapter Four is here. (If you click the first link provided, you’ll see ALL of the chapters, so you can get all caught up on the story!) At the bottom of Kelly’s installment, you’ll see the poll. What do you want Munira to do? Fight snakes? Head for the door? Or try to make her way through the mysterious and dangerous Pier 12?

Go ahead and vote!! Make me your slave; make me write what YOU want me to write!


After that…well. I’ll have, essentially, 48 hours to write my part. Then there will be about 12 hours in which to edit. And then it goes up. So this is your chance to have me working frantically for you! (Well, I do that anyway, but this time it’s according to what you want.)

So don’t forget to vote!

Also, a quick note about the Downside Market. Now that the pre-order period has ended, items are starting to be printed and will be shipping shortly. And we’re going to be revising the items a bit, eliminating a few, adding a few, according to what did or did not sell. So if you’ve been undecided about something, you only have a couple more days to order it before it possibly disappears completely. Sadly, like the glasses; huge apologies to those of you who ordered them, but the supplier dug in their feet and wanted a pre-order of 72 of them before they would print any (not Southern Promo, but the people who supply the glasses to them). Which would have cost me like $900, considering we had three different varieties of glasses. At some point we hope to get them back up on the site, but for the moment, sadly, we had to cut them. So if you ordered glasses, the money either has already been refunded to you or will be shortly.

We’re also working on getting some options in there that are even less expensive, but still high-quality. So stay tuned for those! And of course, huge thanks to those of you who already ordered!

That’s about it for today. I’m still hard, hard, hard at work on Downside 4, and it’s taken a really exciting turn that’s tons of fun to write. So yay! Of course I’m still a bit behind on it, but I’m optimistic.

Oh, and a really fun discussion was had this weekend on Jezebel, about skin care. I of course extolled the many, many benefits of baking soda as an exfoliant and skin soother (it’s all I’ve used to exfoliate for years), and, even more fun, I had some very lovely conversations with a few ladies there about natural remedies for various complaints. See, back when I was pregnant with the Faerie and had a really impossible time writing, I sought another creative outlet. So I started my own little business, reading Tarot cards and making natural skin/hair/body products. It didn’t go really far, because when the baby came I didn’t have the time to devote to it anymore, of course, and I could write again and wanted to devote myself to that, so I stopped doing it. But it certainly was fun, and it brought me some much-needed cash at the time. (Hmm, maybe I should consider getting back into it!)

So basically, I’ve still got all of this information in my head about various herbal remedies and how to make natural lotions and masks and how to make various types of bath bombs and all of that sort of thing. And I picked up lots of tips and information and advice.

So this weekend I got to pull out a lot of that, and talk about it, and it I really enjoyed myself. And I’m really looking forward to hearing how my suggestions work out for them, and I very much hope they do.

So that’s pretty much it for today.

Don’t forget to visit Suvudu and vote! Make me your slaaaave, baby. I’ll do anything you want. Heh heh heh.

3 comments to “I’m Your Slave”

  1. Marcus Twyman
    · October 12th, 2010 at 4:23 pm · Link

    Awesome! Going to go vote now. This is a really cool idea! 😀

  2. Shiloh Walker
    · October 13th, 2010 at 10:43 am · Link

    noooooo… damn it! I wanted my glasses… sigh…oh well

  3. Seeley deBorn
    · October 16th, 2010 at 11:25 pm · Link

    Those glasses were kewl, but I’m saving up for pyrex beakers. Borosilicate ones. Like in chem labs. 😉

    I miss making bath stuff. I just don’t have the time now that I’m back in school. I do make the odd scrub from time to time and use my co-workers as guinea pigs for new “flavour” combinations.

    I’ve got a ton of beeswax, and there’s a local organic sunflower farm that presses their own seeds for oil. I’m dying to make lip balm. Next summer, I guess.

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