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Up to my Neck

In work work work, oh yes. I plan to have Downside 4 finished by the beginning of next week, hopefully sooner. I’d actually expected to have it done already, but a plot twist came out of nowhere and necessitated some more words and some changes. This is a really twisty one, which is fun; I’m hoping everyone thinks it’s fun, at least. BFF Cori is enjoying it, so I’m trying to reassure myself with that, because she wouldn’t like it if it was awful.

I got an email this morning letting me know that A GLIMPSE OF DARKNESS, the story-in-the-round from the Suvudu blog (me, Lara Adrian, Harry Connolly, Kelly Meding, Lucy Snyder) is up for Kindle pre-order on Amazon now.

Which reminds me, BE A SEX-WRITING STRUMPET has been out on Kindle for a while now and still has zero reviews, even though it’s been selling. Won’t someone please give it a little love? *whine whine*

And one other little link, to an interview with me done by Apex Magazine. The interview is here. I was given the questions a couple of months ago, and was frankly rather stunned by that first one, but after some discussion, myself, my editor, and my publicist decided it must have just been badly worded, because the interviewer seemed so nice and friendly, and had been quite enthusiastic about the series when speaking to my publicist. Fool me once, shame on me; I’ve certainly learned my lesson in that. I’ve never before had an experience like that, where I take considerable time away from my writing to do what I think is a nice thing, and have it turned on me so roundly; I haven’t been set up like that, and I don’t care to have it happen again.

This isn’t about the review, of course; you all know how strongly I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and to the expression of that opinion. I’m not remotely bothered by hers. I am, however, bothered by the fact that I was blindsided like that, and that I answered those questions with a view towards helping someone out, being nice to them, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, only to find out that there was an agenda there. This has happened to me once before, you may remember; I did a podcast interview with several other people (including my friend Jackie Kessler; this is also how I met Simon Wood, who is a really cool guy) about the Harlequin Horizons thing, and found out after it aired that the host’s questions weren’t as innocent as they seemed, and that he turned around and reamed Jackie, Simon, and I because we were “elitists.”

But again. A lesson learned is a lesson learned. Next time I get an interview that starts with a question that makes me feel slapped, I’ll cancel the interview instead of assuming the interviewer didn’t mean to be so harsh; clearly she did mean to be just that harsh, and clearly there is a degree of amusement there in being that way to my face and making it appear as if I don’t understand what’s happening.

The only reason I’m mentioning this at all is because I often get interview requests through the site, and I try to accommodate them; in fact, I’ve never turned down an interview request, or a guest blog request, I don’t think. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to be so open with them anymore, especially if I don’t know you.

So from now on, if you want an interview with me, please submit your questions along with the request, and let me know what if anything will be appearing along side it (a review, a discussion, whatever). If you have submitted such a request in the last couple of months and haven’t yet gotten a reply, please re-submit. I’m trying to catch up on emails but with the book in the final stretch I’ve barely had time for anything else; I’ve been doing around 5k per day, plus edits etc.

The good news is I’m pretty pleased with how it’s shaping up, and I’m hoping you all will be too, since your opinions are the important ones.

And here’s a snippet! A snippet which will hopefully make you smile, in which Chess and Terrible are about to do some nocturnal investigating for her latest case. Remember it’s just a tiny snippet!:

Her car rattled and bumped its way over every little rock and patch of uneven ground, banging Terrible’s head on the ceiling once. “Shoulda brung my car.”

“No we shouldn’t have, and you know why we didn’t.”

He sighed. Heavily. “’Stoo small.”

“Every car is too small for you.” Her smile this time was genuine.

“Mine ain’t.”

Instead of answering, she slid the car up to the door and shoved it into Park. “Come on.”

16 comments to “Up to my Neck”

  1. katiebabs
    · November 18th, 2010 at 3:43 pm · Link

    Good luck with finished Book #4. I know so many, including myself can’t wait to read it :)

  2. Jessica Souders
    · November 18th, 2010 at 3:45 pm · Link

    While I haven’t read any of your books yet (bought them, they’re lost somewhere in my TBR pile), I did read the review and interview.

    I think what she did was unacceptable. To ask you to do an interview and then turn around and make you appear to be an idiot, which you most certainly are not. (I lurk on AW, here, and Twitter.)

    I’m ashamed for her, and I’ve put her on the list of who not to do an interview with when I (if) get published. So truly sad.

    Good for you not to put up with it and do a post and to also make sure it doesn’t ever happen again. I promise when I finally get around to reading and reviewing your series and I send an interview request that won’t happen. And I’ll make sure to send the questions with the request.

    Good luck with your writing. The snippet looks great and I can’t wait to start reading the first book , so I can get to this latest one eventually. 😀

  3. Leah
    · November 18th, 2010 at 4:11 pm · Link

    Snippet <3…Mean interviewer: Boo, Hiss.

  4. TravelingGal
    · November 18th, 2010 at 6:43 pm · Link

    Snippets make me happy – and really impatient for Book 4!

    I love Chess precisely because she is so damaged and she still tries so hard. I certainly hope the interviewer has more empathy in real life than she does in print. Sorry that it such a bad experience.

    If I ever make it to the end of NaNo, I promise to write a review of strumpet!

  5. Karen
    · November 18th, 2010 at 8:23 pm · Link

    Thank you for the snippet!

    I’d just like to say (as I sit here wearing my pink Terrible sweatshirt) that I think your characters are brilliant because they’re not cookie cutter or perfectly perfect. They’re flawed and human and wonderful. And I think the series is the best I’ve read (and trust me, I read a lot – at last count my UF shelves are at 600+ books).

  6. kyahgirl
    · November 18th, 2010 at 11:15 pm · Link

    I read my very first Stacia Kane novel this week, Unholy Ghosts. I love, love, love your writing. It is so rare to read a new (to me) author and jump up and down with excitement knowing I have found an autobuy author right off the bat. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

    Looking forward to more adventures in the Downside.

  7. Amanda S
    · November 19th, 2010 at 8:55 am · Link

    Ok first…Rude! I don’t understand why someone would read a book when they hate the characters and not only that but continue to read these books and then be negative about them but… just a tiny bit nice in order to get an interview.
    These books are blowing up and the reason is because so many people can relate to flaws, addictions,relationship issues etc. and the writing…wow the writing is awesome. I’m not blowing sunshine here I read ALOT…everyday! and this series is in my top favorites because it is soooo good.
    These books grab you by the throat and drag you into the world that you’ve (Stacia) created. I’m just glad that I’m along for the ride :)
    On that note: Haters gonna hate…lol

  8. kitlina
    · November 19th, 2010 at 12:30 pm · Link

    wow snippet wow
    I just LMAO with that one, they are so so good together, I can just imagine Terrible cramped up in her rusty old car :)))) of course his is not too small :)))))) that was really hilarious, you’ve just made me bite my nails waiting for D4. OMG and it’s such a long wait, by the end of it I won’t have any to bite off. and of course I can’t wait for the preview, I’m on pins and needles 😛 and don’t give that B*itch a second thought, I really can’t understand why she even bothered to read the whole series if she hates Chess. if I don’t like something I stay away from it not embrace it, she’s a walking contradiction, maybe she has some syndrome or something. as always you have a lot of love from me :*

  9. Allie
    · November 19th, 2010 at 2:08 pm · Link

    How strange 😕

    Everyone I know who has read the Downside books has had the same reaction, “I know I shouldn’t love these characters, but I do”.

    As much as I love the world-building and the story itself, I keep coming back for the characters.

    I can’t make my mind up if the reviewer was being deliberately contrary or not. Either way, they did their own credibility no favours.

    As a fan of the series though, thank-you for your well thought out answers, I enjoyed reading them.

  10. Analisa
    · November 19th, 2010 at 4:20 pm · Link

    I just finished reading the interview, she’s rude, no doubt, but contradicting at the same time. My personal take is she has an issue with Chess’ character, (possibly because of her addictions ?) so she feels her as a bad person who uses others. (I totally disagree, btw. Just saying) But at the same time she appreciates a lot of other things that make Stacia’s writing the awesomeness that it is, the vivid world, the pace, the plots, the twists, the reality of it all (wich I think are deeply conected to the MC, btw, and wouldn’t be possible to be constructed the way they are without Chess being who and how she is. Again just saying).
    So it leaves me thinking that for wathever personal reason she couldn’t go pass Chess, and that made her react in a mean way towards Stacia. Very unprofessional for her, since she admits Stacia’s work is fantastic, and we all know it is. That’s why we’re here.
    Thanks for the snippet, and one thing I wanted to tell you is that, other than your work, knowing you at FC, thru FB and your blog, what makes me wanna be a part of your community is that you are such an open person, you talk to your fans as if you’re talking to your friends, you interact a lot, you make us feel you as a real person, you care. That I only found it in another author, wich is Karen Marie Moning (and I love her). And I think that is a very unique quality that makes us fans not only fans, but hardcore fans, I’ll follow you wherever you wanna take me fans, I’ll buy menus if that’s what you’re writing now kinda fans. Don’t lose that over some anal retentive blogger, it’s not worth it.

  11. Angie
    · November 20th, 2010 at 6:54 am · Link

    Good job with the interview, and I agree that the interviewer had a bit of an agenda. I’m wondering whether she’s one of those people who has a Major Moral Issue with the whole OMG Evil Drugs!!! thing, and is therefore unable to see recreational drugs or people who use them in any kind of a shade of gray? I agree that Chess definitely does not use people because of her addiction, and have no clue where the interviewer might’ve gotten that from the books. Sounds to me like she has a knee-jerk reaction about how all drug addicts are, and just automatically applies the whole package to any drug addict she encounters. Even in the real world, some addicts are very high-functioning and lead perfectly normal lives, although you’ll never get the War On Drugs!! people to admit to that. [sigh]

    Good news about the fourth book — definitely looking forward to it. 😀


  12. Moonsanity (Brenda)
    · November 20th, 2010 at 1:50 pm · Link

    I just bought it– I kept meaning to before– I wrote my first “foreplay” scene last night. 😆 I’ll put a review on but it might be a little bit. I’m about 3300 words behind on my NaNo novel, so I need to catch up on that first.

    I just read the review and totally disagreed with her opinion of Chess. On the bright side, she did say some VERY nice things about your writing and your ability to tell a story- I almost got the feeling she wanted the review to be “controversial” because while she claimed not to like Chess or the 3rd book, she raved on about so many other things. The review certainly wouldn’t discourage me from reading your books, so that’s a good thing. 😀

  13. Mardel
    · November 20th, 2010 at 11:14 pm · Link

    I agree with Angie and Analisa – she’s probably one of those people who look at people in categories. And god help you if you ever change, because you’ll always be in that category. There ARE people who think that every single addicted person has the same way of treating peole and behaving. If you’re an addict, of course you are going to use people, steal, behave horribly and DIE!

    Never mind that there are millions of different personalities, quite a few degrees of addiction and many different ways of behaving.

    I don’t respect people who mislead, such as when she stated she had a chance to ‘TALK’ to you. As if you were both sitting together, speaking, with a give and take.

    don’t worry – I don’t don’t think you came across as an idiot – or clueless. I enjoyed your answer and I’m glad you pointed out your views on Chess. You came across well ‘spoken’ (or written, as it were). Some of the comments there also are very supportive of your book and your characters..and I made sure I commented on how much I loved the characters and I would have rated it differently.

    Even so, I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but she should mislead her readers, or try to make it seem like you two were sitting together at the same time, having a conversation. I think she probably was trying to pull off something, but it didn’t work. :)

    • Mardel
      · November 20th, 2010 at 11:32 pm · Link

      meant to type she should NOT,.

  14. Judithe
    · November 25th, 2010 at 4:02 am · Link

    I started Downside Ghosts after a friend highly praised and recommended the series in August. I like Chess, despite (perhaps, because of) her drug problems/hang-ups. She’s a very real, gritty character, as are the “supporting” cast. The situations are gripping, and I read the first three quickly…then was crushed to see such a long wait date to find out what happens next! At least I know there will be MORE! (Thank you, Stacia and fellow fans!) I guess different things work for different folks, but for me, this series was uncomfortable (meant in a positive way~kept me holding my breath as to what would be next!), compelling, and impossible to put down!

  15. Kristin
    · November 28th, 2010 at 2:12 pm · Link

    Seems like she might have discussed her feelings about the book with you before publishing an interview. I think her questions are legitimate, but not if you don’t know the context of the review they’re going to appear next to.

    To force a bright side on the topic, that’s neat that she liked the writing and kept reading if she didn’t like the character. She’s thinking about what she’s reading, and that’s good. Chess is such a complicated character, I know that I had some moments where I just wanted to shake her until her teeth rattle. Love her or hate her, she is a really well crafted character.


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