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The hubs has always wanted a white Christmas tree, and me, being a woman of particular tastes, has always said no. The hubs thinks this is boring. But then, he also moans and whines about the fact that I only like white sheets as if this is some kind of failure of imagination on my part, when in fact it’s simply that I think sheets should be white because it looks nice. And besides, I’ve let him go for very pale blue-grays too. I like colored stripes at the borders just fine. And I bought a white-on-white striped set. I think that’s quite enough excitement for a bed; the point is to sleep, after all. Everything else can be colored. Color is great in other rooms. But sheets should be white, and that is just the way I feel.

(Besides, when all the sheets are white you can interchange them easily, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the sets exactly together. And if one tears you don’t have to throw out the whole set. I like Egyptian cotton sheets–I buy one or two sets a year because I’m picky about sheets–and they’re not cheap, and to have to throw out a whole set because of an issue with one sheet would suck. And you can never be sure you’ll find any color except white. So see, I’m practical and stuff too. Anyway.)

So I’ve always said no to the white tree. This year, though, I decided what the hell, and told him to buy the damned white tree if he wanted. hence, our Tacktastic Xmas.

Here’s the tree, all decorated up in its tacky glory:

The tacky, it burns! In an awesome way.

Is that not the coolest thing ever? It’s like…like a decoration on the “It’s A Small World” ride. Or something they’d use as background in one of those Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. (There are actually lights of all colors, I don’t know why the orange and pink show up so much brighter than the others.)

To add to the theme, we bought two little shiny trees from the grocery store; a pink one and a purple one. Check this shit out:

Pink and purple are SO appropriate for Yule.

I have to say, I actually kind of love the white tree. I’ve always been so against them but…it’s kind of like having a big glowy ice cave right here in my living room, especially with the tinsel on it:

Look! Shiny. Shiny and TACKTASTIC!

So I’m keeping the white tree. Maybe next year we’ll have two of them. Or who knows, maybe we’ll stick with the white and just put regular pine boughs everywhere to bring in the greenery.

But I am not getting crazy colored sheets.

I hope you’re all having a tacktastic holiday so far!

Oh! If you all want to pop over to my friend Richelle Mead’s blog, you can see a picture of us on Monday; her tour brought her into town so we got to have a nice long lunch, which was awesome.

BTW, I did send another DA email out yesterday (I think it was yesterday) to let you all know about the Goodreads awards: CITY OF GHOSTS is nominated for Best Paranormal Fantasy, and I’m nominated for Best Goodreads Author. And I MIGHT be persuaded to send out another short excerpt as a holiday giftie…maybe. If you guys want one.

10 comments to “Tacktastic!”

  1. Mr Kane
    · December 16th, 2010 at 3:13 pm · Link

    “I think that’s quite enough excitement for a bed; the point is to sleep, after all.”

    Interesting and yet oddly disingenuous comment, especially coming from an ex-smut writer like yourself. 😛

    Happy Holidays dear.

  2. Michele Lee
    · December 17th, 2010 at 12:15 am · Link

    I assure you your tree is pretty. Now the dancing singing Christmas tree-thing with a face that my mother in law got my daughter for Yule last year…that’s tacktastic.

    • Chelsea / Vampire Book Club
      · December 17th, 2010 at 1:54 am · Link

      Oh man! My step-mom loves those kinds of things. Any animated holiday-oriented “thing” is a auto-buy for her. We have one in our attic that she gave us one year. We used to bust it out every year when she was at the house, but now we live two states away…so it permanently resides in the attic. (Admittedly, this is also partly due to my hatred/fear of all things animatronic.)

  3. Betsy Dornbusch
    · December 17th, 2010 at 11:33 am · Link

    I once got a Santa face that scared everyone from small children to the dog. It was pretty tacktastic.

    I like the tree, though I’m a traditionalist. Real. White lights. Ornaments the kids made for me. Boring.

  4. Becca
    · December 17th, 2010 at 12:07 pm · Link

    Yes please! I’d love to have a short excerpt of the new book to read during my otherwise totally un-Christmas-y holiday. It’d be the best Christmas present for your loyal readers (I’d say ‘fans’ but that comes from fanatic, and that creeps me out a bit).

  5. BernardL
    · December 17th, 2010 at 1:03 pm · Link

    Beautiful tree. Colored lights and shiny ornaments highlight it perfectly.

  6. Allie
    · December 17th, 2010 at 3:09 pm · Link

    Yes please – I want a snippet!

  7. sarah
    · December 17th, 2010 at 5:35 pm · Link

    yesssssss please please please a nother excerpt !!!!! and nice tree!

  8. Gwen
    · December 17th, 2010 at 6:11 pm · Link

    LOL,wow Stacia I love your blogs!! The tree is very pretty but I’m a traditionalist I guess. I have a 3ft tree with home made ornaments and popcorn garland.Now my sheets that’s another story. I think another excerpt would be an amazing Christmas gift to all your readers!!!! I hope you and your family have a great holiday.

  9. Tara Lynn
    · December 20th, 2010 at 11:59 am · Link

    I love your blog and books and am so loving the white tree! I grew up with a silver Christmas tree in the 70’s/80’s and could never wrap my head around the idea of a green tree. Our beloved silver tinsel tree grew shabby as we all got older and my mom had the nerve to bring in a green one. My brothers and I were horrified. :)

    When my husband and I first got married and were getting our very own tree (I’m allergic to real ones, bleh), the poor man had to accept that a green tree was so not happening. We’ve had a white tree for the 16 years of our marriage much to his chagrine. But, god love him, he doesn’t complain. Much. My children have never had a green tree!


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