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What Stace had to say on Monday, August 29th, 2011
So…yeah. This sucks.

I really, really hate to say this but…on Friday I emailed the organizers of Dragon*con to cancel my appearance.

We had some scheduling issues here that made it look like I wasn’t going to be able to go, but I was hope hope hoping, so I didn’t say anything or cancel. Then that stupid hurricane happened and flights were being canceled left right and center. I was supposed to fly standby and it was very clear to me–thanks to the airline rep I spoke to–that I had the proverbial snowball’s chance at making it at any point in the next week, really, much less Sun-Mon-Tues (my original plan), because of all the storm-stranded people who took precedence.

And at some point you start to wonder if the universe isn’t trying to tell you something, really.

So I don’t get to go. And I’m really just…I’m so sorry, and I’m so sad. Dragon*con is the highlight of my year, seriously, and I feel completely sick about this.

Fingers crossed for next year. I’m just…I can’t apologize enough, and I’m just devastated about this.

What Stace had to say on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
I’m on sale!


A while ago I found out that the lovely people at Random House were planning to offer UNHOLY GHOSTS at a special promotional price. VERY exciting. I didn’t want to say anything about it because we hadn’t set on a specific date or anything, but now that’s it happening I can shout it from the rooftops (and if you all would help me do so, I’d be very grateful).

So, UNHOLY GHOSTS is now available for Kindle AND Nook–and I assume, any number of other ebook sales sites in North America (Random House only publishes me in Canada and the US, so the special price only applies to those territories)–for ONLY NINETY-NINE CENTS.


So if you haven’t read the book, now’s your chance. If you have a hard copy but just got an ereader and are converting your paper library to electronic, now’s your chance (wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy the paperback, and like for an extra buck or two the ebook would be bundled with it?).

If you’re still on the fence, you can download and read the first five chapters for free, just by clicking here: UNHOLY GHOSTS sample (2583).

But wait! There’s MORE!

UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS are both also on sale, for $4.99! That’s UNHOLY MAGIC–book 2 in the series–on Kindle and Nook, and CITY OF GHOSTS–Book 3–on Kindle and Nook.

Yes, that means you can download the entire series for eleven dollars.

I’m very excited about this!

In other news, I handed in my “final” version of HOME, the short Downside story I sold to Heroes and Heartbreakers, a couple of days ago (I had a couple of minor changes I wanted to make before it went to the editor there) AND–tah-dah!–handed in my “final” draft of Downside 5, CHASING MAGIC, to my editor at Del Rey. Of course, I know she’ll have edits for it, so the book isn’t “finished” yet, but still. It’s done, and the handed-in version ran 108,000 words. I figure after her edits it’ll be around 110 at least. So, shorter than SACRIFICIAL MAGIC, but long enough that I feel you guys are getting some value for money. And I’m still quite excited about this one; I think it’s pretty fast-paced and exciting, and there’s a whole bunch of twisty-turny stuff happening in Chess’s life, and of course I just really hope you’ll all enjoy it.

So. Go forth and read!

What Stace had to say on Thursday, August 11th, 2011
Birthday Time!

Yes, once again, it is my birthday, another year further into the depressing process of aging and another year closer to the inevitable end. Groan.

So once again, I’m going to try to cheer myself up a bit and take my mind off the curse of mortality. Or rather, I’m going to try to force you all to cheer me up and take my mind off of it.

This worked pretty well last year, so we’ll try it again. Here’s what I’d love you to do:

Delurk, if you lurk, and say hello!

Ask me a question. It can be about anything; me, any of my books, any of my characters, publishing, society (although please no religion or politics), whatever. You can ask anything you want, and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability.

Suggest something. Tell me what you’d like me to blog about in future. Tell me what you think about things, about anything at all. (The only caveat there is please don’t suggest possible plots for future books, because if you’ve thought of something similar to something I’ve already planned or written…yeah, that could be a problem later. You can, however, make basic comments/requests like “More sex!” Heh.)

Suggest books, for me and for my readers. Or movies you liked. Tell me (us) why.

Anything at all; anything you like. We had a good time with this last year, so here’s hoping we will again.

I will be watching the comments, though, in case any troll-type people are out there rubbing their nasty little hands together. I will delete those. Just FYI.

Have at it, folks! I’d love to hear from you!

What Stace had to say on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

First, I just want to say a very deep and heartfelt thank you, to all who commented on/emailed me about my posts last week. I haven’t responded to any of them yet, but I saw them, and they mattered. A lot. Thank you all so much.

Now…yes, HOME IMPROVEMENT: UNDEAD EDITION is out! I’m really excited about this one, and I hope you all are too; it’s the first new Downside material released since CITY OF GHOSTS (I’m not counting MADDIE CARVER, because although it was set in this world it wasn’t technically a Downside story, and although we caught a glimpse of Elder Griffin in it, it doesn’t have any of the regular characters, really).

RICK THE BRAVE (my antho story) was/is a concept I’d had for a while; I thought it would be fun to give readers a glimpse at how “normal” people in Triumph City view Downside and its inhabitants, and that it would be especially fun to write Terrible and Chess from that same outsider’s perspective. It was a little weird at first, a little difficult, since I’m so used to writing from Chess’s perspective, but overall I had a really good time with it, so I hope it’s as much fun for you to read as it was for me to write. (Also weird: it’s a drug-free story, of course, since our outsider doesn’t know Chess at all. So it was interesting to write her the way other people see her, and not as she sees herself.)

It was actually so much fun I’ve been thinking of doing a couple more “outsider” stories at some point; I’ve been thinking for a while it’d be fun to do something from Edsel’s POV, for example, and of course at some point I want to do something from Terrible’s, and, oh, the possibilities. Heh.

Anyway. HOME IMPROVEMENT: UNDEAD EDITION is out there now, and I really, really hope you all buy it and read it and enjoy it; not just my story, but all of the amazing stories by amazing writers who are also in it. I was and am totally flabbergasted to have been invited to participate, and so grateful to have my story included with stories by Charlaine and Toni, with Patricia Briggs and Melissa Marr and Simon R. Green and all the other great authors inside it. I have my author copy right next to me and have barely been able to stop reading.

Oh, and I also have a new bio in the antho (not that anyone cares, really, but I need to change it here so this is like a reminder to myself, too):

Stacia Kane is the author of the gritty dystopian urban fantasy Downside series starring Chess Putnam and featuring ghosts, human sacrifice, drugs, witchcraft, punk rock, and a badass ’69 Chevelle. She bleaches her hair and wears a lot of black.

As always I hope you like the story!

What Stace had to say on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

I was just getting ready to do my big excited release-day post this afternoon when I heard that L.A. Banks has died.

That just sucks.

I didn’t know Leslie well; I didn’t really know her at all, to be honest. But I met her at my first RT ever (Orlando 09), at a dinner for St. Martins authors. My good friend Caitlin Kittredge writes for St. Martins, and while we had a different event we’d already committed to, Caitlin asked me if I’d like to tag along with her to stop in and at least say hello to everyone etc. etc.

I was pretty nervous and felt a bit out of place, (like I often do) especially since at that point I only had one small-press book on the shelves. And of course didn’t have any deals in the works with St. Martins. So I just kind of hung back; I met Caitlin’s editor Rose and we chitchatted for a few minutes–she was great–and just sort of hoped I didn’t look too conspicuous.

Then L.A. Banks walked in, with a couple of other people. I think the noise level in the restaurant rose a few decibels, because Leslie was so happy to see everyone, and everyone was so happy to see her, and it was like the party was really starting.

So Caitlin introduced me to Leslie, and I probably blushed and looked awkward, but Leslie gave me this big warm hug and asked me about myself and my work and my upcoming series with Del Rey (Caitlin had mentioned it) etc. etc., and seemed genuinely interested in my answers.

That’s the kind of person we lost today. Someone who went out of their way to make other people feel comfortable and welcome, someone genuinely kind and friendly.

And of course someone who wrote great books.

That’s a loss for all of us. There are so few people like that in the world, and now we’re down one more, and that just sucks.

My heart goes out to Leslie’s family and close friends.

I don’t much feel like promoting my release today, sorry. I’ll come back tomorrow with that one.

Hugs to all of you.