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Want everyone to know you belong to Terrible? Or that you hang out at Trickster’s in Downside? For t-shirts and other nifty little items related to the Downside series, check out the new Downside Market! Lots of designs, with more being added regularly, all for your wearing pleasure.

Don’t forget to check out the “Urban Fantasy” category, for lots of fun designs for genre fans. Wear them to cons and let people know urban fantasy IS real fantasy!

Downside Playlists

for UNHOLY GHOSTS, UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS were created on iTunes.
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Deleted Scenes



Videos of Stacia reading Chapter Two of UNHOLY GHOSTS and talking about Downspeech, at Dragon*Con 2009
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Curious about the magic system used by The Church of Real Truth?

A list of the books Stacia used to create it; more about witchcraft in general

Downside Buttons & Wallpapers—for readers by readers

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Looking for other Downsiders?

I’m aware of two reader-created, reader-run* discussion groups online! Both of them welcome new members, so please join in if you’re so inclined. And if you’ve set up a group somewhere, or are aware of one which would like to be included here, please send us a link through the contact form.

The Chess Putnam series group on Shelfari.

The “I Gots Terrible Fever” group on Goodreads.

*These groups are not associated with or created by Stacia Kane. She is not a member of the groups and does not monitor or read them. The creators and members of the groups are not in contact with Stacia. Listing them here should not be taken as recommendation or requirement or anything else; they’re mentioned simply as a service to readers who may wish to find other readers to talk to.

Join the Downside Army

Proud Member of the Downside Army

What is it?

It’s a Street Team. It’s a newsletter group. It’s a chance for you to have access to special Army-Only excerpts, shorts, and contests.

What do you do in exchange?

Pretty much what you would do anyway. Talk about the books. Hand out bookmarks or postcards at your local bookstores. Tell your friends. Write reviews or discuss the books on whatever online bookstore or book catalog site you use (HONEST reviews, please.) Blog about the books. Tweet about them. Take some of the logo images or badges and put them on your website or blog. Whatever you want to do and feel comfortable with.
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Meat Pie
*Megan's Demon-Pleasing Meat Pies

*Beggar Soup

More Recipes:
*Peanut Butter Cake
*Slow Roasted Pork
*Oxtail Stew
(*PDF Files)


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Downside Buttons & Wallpapers—for readers by readers

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