Partners meet the boys

Deleted Scene from PERSONAL DEMONS

I never finished this scene, deciding to skip the office entirely. But I think it’s kind of cute. Mostly it’s here because of the phrase “private bone” which is basically a joke for some of the readers of the December Quinn work. See guys? I did have it in there!

“Hold the elevator!” The woman’s packages nearly slipped from her grasp as she ran towards them. Megan reached automatically for the button.

Malleus’s hand got there first. He pressed “Door Close”.

“Hey!” Megan turned to him as the elevator started to rise. “Why did you do that? We have room.”

Malleus shrugged. “’S what I always do.”

“But that woman needed the elevator.”

Maleficarum and Spud were very obviously avoiding her gaze. She sighed. They were demons, after all. “Fine,” she said. “But from now on, you hold the elevator for people.”

They nodded, but Megan had the distinct impression that they weren’t paying attention.

She squared her shoulders as the door opened on Therapy Partners’ floor. She didn’t want to be here today, not at all. She didn’t want to see Brian again, either, but she knew he would be waiting for her. Along with the community, all wanting to know what happened to her Tuesday night, all wanting to know if she was alright…except maybe Jeff, who would be wishing she’d actually been attacked.

Was there any ordeal worse than having to rehash, again and again, an event you wished you hadn’t experienced the first time? Megan had long suspected her private bone was overdeveloped—as opposed to her funny bone, which was just fine—and what happened when she entered the reception area only confirmed it.

They were all waiting for her. Althea grabbed her in a warm, sandalwood-scented bearhug. “Oh, Meg, are you okay? We heard you were attacked—”

“I’m fine.” Megan tried to pull herself out of her friend’s arms. “Really. They didn’t hurt me, they just scared me.”

“I guess that’s the kind of thing you have to expect if you make a spectacle of yourself,” Jeff said in the back of the room. They all ignored him, except Spud, who immediately made a beeline towards him.

Megan didn’t bother to stop him. At least that way he wasn’t standing so close behind her she could feel his breath on her neck, as Malleus and Maleficarum were.

Althea noticed them too. She pulled away. “Who are these gentlemen?”

“Oh, they’re, um—” my demon bodyguards?— “my new receptionists.”

Althea looked doubtful.

“They came highly recommended,” Megan said. “Friends of a friend.”