November 2014 FIVE DOWN is available! This collection of four previously-published Downside short stories plus one brand-new never-before-published novella is available in ebook for $3.49. Click here for more details.

August 2011 » Downside ebooks at promotional prices! Starting on August 23rd, you can buy ebook editions of all three Downside books at great low prices; UNHOLY GHOSTS for NINETY-NINE CENTS(!) and UNHOLY MAGIC and CITY OF GHOSTS for $4.99 each, at your favorite ebook retailer (sorry, North America only). That’s $10.97 for all three books combined! Click here for more details.

May 2011 » SACRIFICIAL MAGIC (Downside #4) has a release date! It will be released March 27, 2012 in the US (and I imagine roughly the same date in the UK). You can preorder the book at your favorite bookstore online or in person now!

January 2011 The NEW Downside Market is open, with lots more designs and options! Let everyone know you eat at Dunk’s in Downside (where Terrible took Chess in UNHOLY GHOSTS) or that you’ve been to Triumph City. Don’t forget to check out the wide range of urban-fantasy-genre shirts while you’re there!

December 2010 CITY OF GHOSTS has been nominated for Best Paranormal Fantasy in the Goodreads Choice Awards! And I’ve been nominated for Best Goodreads Author in the same awards! Thanks so much to all of you Goodreads members who were so kind and enthusiastic about me and my work!

Vote for this book!

Vote for this book!

The Downside Market will be re-opening shortly with a wider selection, so stay tuned!

Unholy Ghosts - German releaseUnholy Ghosts - Polish release

May 2010 » The Chess Putnam series sold to Poland and Germany! The Polish translation of UNHOLY GHOSTS is on sale now, and the German version will be available in February 2011.

September 2009 » I have some extremely exciting news, for me at least. My agent informed me a couple of weeks back that we’ve sold audio rights to the first three Downside books (Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic, and City of Ghosts) to Blackstone Audiobooks!
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Harper VoyagerJuly 2009 » I am *incredibly* pleased to announce that we’ve sold UK publishing rights to the first three Downside books (UNHOLY GHOSTS, UNHOLY MAGIC, and CITY OF GHOSTS) to HarperCollins UK!! I’m thrilled to be working with Harper, and I’m especially thrilled the books will be widely available in UK bookstores. I’ve been informed that UNHOLY GHOSTS is scheduled to be released March 1, 2010 there. I will of course keep everyone posted as soon as I get new info.