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Below are some clues to what RADIO DOWNSIDE will be about.

Downside Playlists

for UNHOLY GHOSTS, UNHOLY MAGIC and UNHOLY GHOSTS were created on iTunes.
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City of GhostsUnholy MagicUnholy GhostsIs the Downside part of London or totally a fictional city? It reminds me of Europe.

Nope! Triumph City is in America, but as I was living in England when I came up with the place it does have that influence, I think. But it is based on a real American city, and there’s a big clue as to which one it is in the second book UNHOLY MAGIC.

What kind of music did you listen to while writing the Downside books?

All the songs mentioned in the book and then some. They’re all on Radio Downside (or they will be, once it’s up and running).

Who are all the bands you mention in the Downside books?

The bands who play shows in Downside are fictional, because I don’t want to presume which real bands might be touring and where they may be or how many of them are still together or even alive. But any band any of the characters listen to is a real band, one I’m a fan of and listen to myself.

Can you put my band in the books?

Because Haunted Week happened in 1997, I don’t generally mention real bands after that year.

Will you play my band on Radio Downside?

Send me a CD. If I like it I’ll play it. However, due to copyright/royalty laws, if your songs aren’t registered with one of the royalty agencies (i.e. ASCAP) please include a letter giving me permission to play the songs royalty-free. I don’t handle the royalties for Downside Radio, the service I use does; I don’t have time to calculate them and frankly my math skills are terrible. But I don’t steal music either.