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What Stace had to say on Thursday, December 5th, 2013

CLOSE TO YOU is up for free on Heroes & Heartbreakers! So head on over there and give it a read; it’s a (hopefully) creepy Christmas story, which was a lot of fun to write, especially since Christmas doesn’t exist in Chess’s world.

Read it here. (You have to register if you’re not a H&H member, but it’s free to do so.)

(And by the way, the Faulkner reference is in the scene where Chess & Terrible wake up in the Hudson [Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?] bedroom. It’s from the short story A Rose for Emily: the gray hair on the pillow.)

What Stace had to say on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013
CLOSE TO YOU free tomorrow

A quick heads-up: The holiday Downside short I wrote for Heroes & Heartbreakers will be available free on the H&H site tomorrow, for one day only. (It was originally scheduled for today but they’ve done a little shifting around.) I’ll post the direct link tomorrow.

So if you missed it the first time around or haven’t yet read it, here’s your chance! It’s part of a special Macmillan/St. Martin’s promotion; a whole bunch of holiday shorts written by some great authors (and of course one from me, too). If you click the image below it’ll take you to the SMP page with more info and all that good stuff.

Also, CLOSE TO YOU is on Netgalley this month, so if you’re a reviewer, go get yourself a copy, yo!

Look! Pretty image!

And don’t forget, guys, I’ll be starting to post the pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth short story in the next few days here on the blog. I’m pretty pleased with the story, and I really hope you’ll like it. In fact, because I’m in that kind of mood, here’s a little tiny excerpt:

“I hope you like fish,” Dana was saying, as she bustled around the little kitchen. All of the single-employee Church cottages—as opposed to those for married employees or some of the higher-up Elders—followed one of two floorplans: living room on the left, kitchen on the right, bedroom in the back; or the mirror image of that. Dana’s was the mirror image, with the living room on the right. From Chess’s position on the ivory flowered couch she could see into the ivory-cranberry-and-pale-blue kitchen and the ivory-cranberry-and-navy-blue bedroom. It was all very tidy. Beneath the fragrances of dinner cooking were potpourri and air freshener, the scents of things to hide. “I thought, hey, you haven’t been over for dinner, so I’d do something nice.”

“You didn’t have to.” She wished Dana hadn’t, actually. The Nips she’d taken after leaving the Randalls’ neighborhood were kicking in, and the last thing she wanted was food. Especially not when that food would come with a large helping of I-made-this-special-for-you guilt. Dana probably wouldn’t say that, but that wouldn’t make Chess feel any less guilty if she refused to eat it. “I thought we were just going to have a snack or something.”

“I like to eat early.” Dana pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge and set it on the counter. Would it be rude to ask for beer instead? Probably. Damn. “You know, I’m usually in bed by ten, so if I eat too late I don’t sleep well, which makes it hard to get up at six for my workout, so…”

“Sure,” Chess said, like she totally had the same issues. Bed by ten? Up at six for a workout? It sounded horrible. And pointless. Who needed exercise when speed was available?

Dana smiled at her, like she honestly believed Chess could relate. Her co-workers did not know her at all, did they.

But then, she didn’t really want them to, so that worked out okay.