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What Stace had to say on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
Squee! Squee!

First, I got to do the most awesome thing this weekend, on Sunday. See, it was the first-ever London Super Comic-con, and hubs and I decided we wanted to go. Then we saw that Mr. Stan Lee was going to be there, and we could get books signed by him and get a picture taken.

Now, let me just say I am not one to pay for autographs or for pictures, in general. It’s just not my thing. Sure, of course I’ll buy the book I’m getting signed, but in general? Nah. However. This is STAN LEE. STAN THE MAN. The guy who invented pretty much every character in the Marvel comics stable. You bet your ass I wanted to meet him. And I especially wanted the girls to meet him, because how awesome is it to say you met Stan Lee when you were ten?

Because we were paying for the autographs, hubs and I decided to forego them for ourselves and just get them for the babies. So both Princess and Faerie got to hand their books to Stan and say “Thank you, Mr. Lee,” and they got to say who their favorite characters were, and it was pretty awesome. And then, we got to do the picture. Here it is (under the cut): Read the rest of this entry »

What Stace had to say on Monday, January 10th, 2011
Democracy in Action

(I’m taking the title from the “Turd Sandwich vs. Douche” South Park episode, which is, I think, my favorite bit ever on that show; the song, I mean. Because the point here is, which do you like best?)

I’m not going to say which is my favorite.

Also…I do really like the haircut. And I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t look just adorable dyed black? Maybe with some fire-engine red or raspberry in it (I have both)? So I might do that at some point soon. That’s the best thing about having shorter hair; you can play with the colors a lot more because who cares if it gets damaged? Especially when you put numerous gobs of “product” in it to get it to stand up straight and all of that. Seriously, my dresser top is full of thickening potions, heat protectors, spray gels, softeners, sea-salt effect sprays, big hair mousses…and then in the bathroom are four different kinds of wax/pomade/hair glue thingys. (Currently I’m using–and really liking–Beyond the Zone Spike It Hair Cement. Definitely recommend it. I use their mousse wax too. Really good stuff, and not expensive either. I got a ton of stuff 2-for-1 at Sallys. Oh, and I became a Sally’s member, which would be great except I apparently didn’t form my C well enough and I now get regular emails for “Stalia.” Sigh.)

Anyway. Thinking of going black. Might be fun. And it’s not like I can’t bleach it back easily; I’ve been bleaching my own hair for years and years, I can mix up a good bleach in a heartbeat (well, anyone can, really, it’s not hard). Last time I got my haircut, on Xmas Eve, the guy asked if I’d ever considered being a hairdresser myself, because he was impressed with my bleach job and I told him how I cut my own hair for years, and my husband’s, and my ex-boyfriend’s too. I had considered it, actually, but now I’m working on this writing thing. But I still really enjoy doing that stuff.

Some of these are cropped, some aren’t. I’ve done a black-and-white version of a lot of them, and/or added a nifty effect to for fun to a few, and a few are just there for fun to begin with. Sorry, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to get these to upload in a normal-looking fashion–I have no idea why WordPress isn’t recognizing my returns and insists on putting several pictures per line, and then when I add < li > it makes those dots (but at least the pictures aren’t smooshed on top of each other). So…sorry about that.

LOTS of pictures under the cut:

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What Stace had to say on Thursday, December 30th, 2010
Oh, the holiday fun

Well, it snowed on Christmas Day. Which was lovely and all, but the roads were icy. And it snowed on Boxing Day. And the hubs had a bad cold, which he’s sort of given to me and the Faerie. All of which adds up to, we had to cancel our trip to Florida. Which also added up to us wasting money on a rental car that sat in our driveway for three days and then got returned. Yay.

So to cheer myself up I gave away some ebooks on Twitter, which was fun. (These were copies of my EC titles, the erotic romances.) And–this is so awesome, and definitely cheered me up big-time–one of my followers actually named her new Kindle “Chessiebomb,” which was so awesome I had to buy her a copy of UNHOLY GHOSTS for Kindle. (That’s not going to work again, just so you know, heh.)

And of course I’ve been doing some writing and all of that stuff, and hanging out with my family, and coughing up goo, so it’s really been a great holiday

Here’s a picture:

Sheesh. I had a whole post written here about goals and editing and all sort of other things, but I somehow got logged out of WordPress and now it’s disappeared and I don’t feel like writing it all again, sigh. Probably for the best. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, so my moping and musing may not be the healthiest or most cheerful thing to read; let’s ring in the new year with some reminders of how self-destructive the human race is, and what a bunch of nasty, judgmental little bastards we are, too!

I’ll be fine, though, and I’ll be back soon–in the next week–with some actual worthwhile blog content, I promise.

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe new year! Take care of yourselves, because I seriously need every reader I can get and can’t afford to lose a single one of you. Ha ha ha. (Seriously, do take care!)

(Oh, and as another aside. At some point soon I think I’m going to try to get another “official author photo” done. I hate the way I photograph, generally, so wish me luck, eep!)

What Stace had to say on Monday, November 1st, 2010
Glasses and Girls

Since I ended up having to miss World Fantasy this weekend thanks to a sick little Faerie, sigh, I figured I’d at least try to get something done. Which I did, thankfull. between Friday night and last night I managed 12,000 words. Still not where I need to be, but catching up slowly. And they’re words I’m pretty pleased with, which is incredibly rare.

Also on Friday I was so annoyed at missing the show that I tweeted some lines from Downside 4 (which I have a nice big list of possible titles for now, but of course my editor is out of town). Anyway. The ladies at Vampire Book Club have collected those and posted them here, so if you missed them and you want to go take a look you can. Keep in mind those are first-draft sentences; I wouldn’t have tweeted them if I thought they sucked, but I’m bothered by the repetition of “voice” in one of them, and they all might be tweaked at some point.

In addition to my 12k words, I decided to take out my contacts and give my eyes a little break. Glasses time! And of course, because I haven’t posted pics of me actually wearing them (I had them on in the wigs pictures, but that didn’t count), and because I knew you guys would want to see, here’s me in my glasses:

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What Stace had to say on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

So, I did get my hair cut today. I went to a place at the local mall, and this very cool, adorable girl did it for me, and used the pictures as reference, and did an awesome job. I’m really, really happy with it. When I got home I added a bit of goop to the top, and although it looks really cute with the bangs down, I pulled them up with a bow for pictures so everyone can see how good a job she did re the picture, and how close it is. :-) (BTW, I only got like four hours of sleep last night, so please be kind in evaluating the photos.)

I’m just going to post a few pictures, and tomorrow I’ll be back with a proper post.

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What Stace had to say on Friday, August 13th, 2010
Some Stuff

First, yes, I do totally intend to reply to all comments and questions, both here and on Livejournal, from Wednesday’s big De-lurk. And again, I can’t thank you all enough! So many happy birthday wishes, so many great comments and questions. It was fantastic, as are all of you. I have to admit, though, next year I may do the De-lurk day on a day near my birthday but not actually on it; that was a lot to keep up with, between here, Facebook, and Twitter. Not that I’m complaining, at all; it was wonderful. But I may change it a bit next year so I can give everyone the attention I should.

We’re back home now, sigh. Being in Miami is always kind of bittersweet; fun but not fun. It’s always great to see Cori and her family. It’s always fun to drive around and know exactly where you are, and five or six different ways to get somewhere, and all of that. But at the same time it’s sad to see how much has changed. It’s sad to drive by places that were once important to you, and now they’re not. It’s sad to remember people you once knew that you don’t anymore, or even just the person you used to be, how young you were and how different. So yeah, Miami is kind of bittersweet. And I’m sad I didn’t get to see my brother either; the days flew by so fast and we were so busy, when I finally had a chance to call it was too late. But we’re hoping to go back in a couple of months.

But! We did go to the Mai-Kai for tiki drinks and dinner; it’s one of my absolute favorite places. And, to make things even more exciting, I wore a new dress. A new dress that isn’t even black.

Now, granted, I did buy two of the exact same dress (from Express; I don’t care that it’s a mall store, I almost always find something I love there that looks decent on me, and it’s one of the few stores that usually has my size in stock), and one of them is a very dark charcoal gray, which is just gorgeous. I absolutely adore this dress. But I decided the light color–it’s sort of a creamy pale peachy color–looked more tropical. And I had these shoes which look weird in the picture but are actually a gorgeous shade of blue, and have big flowers done in sequins on the outside.

So, enough prattling, I have questions to answer! And I’ll be announcing the Name a Character Contest winner on Monday! Here are a couple of pictures: first is me and the hubs, and second is me and the BFF, Cori. The one of Cori and me isn’t the most flattering picture ever taken of me (the flash totally washes me out and makes my eye makeup look kind of creepy), but what the hell, right? I said I’d share some pictures, and so I will. Plus, it’s proof that Cori actually exists! I’ve talked about her on the blog for years–we’ve been best friends for almost eleven years now–and UNHOLY GHOSTS is dedicated to her, because she’s my super beta reader and totally encouraged me to finish writing that book and sat on the phone brainstorming with me for hours, but this is the first chance I’ve had to share a picture of her or of us together. And I actually really like the one of me & hubs, which is a very rare thing, as I generally hate the way I photograph.

Also, yes, that is my husband sitting right behind us at the bar.
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What Stace had to say on Monday, May 17th, 2010
A couple of videos

Okay. I’ll be doing a regular blog post tomorrow, but I wanted to quickly post these videos. They’re both from Dragon*Con 2009; the first is me reading Chapter Two of UNHOLY GHOSTS, and the second is me discussing how “Downspeech” came about.

The first video is about 20 minutes long, so just be aware! (The second is only a couple of minutes.) I hope you enjoy them both; and since I hate the way I photograph and especially how I look on video, please be kind!

Stacia Kane reads chapter two of UNHOLY GHOSTS from Stacia Kane on Vimeo.

What Stace had to say on Friday, February 12th, 2010
I have wigs! And glasses!

Okay, this is a *very* photo-heavy post, so be warned.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the local Target Optical to get an eye exam–my first in almost five years. As predicted, my eyes got worse. Sigh. But, I got new contacts, and I ordered new glasses, which is a huge deal, since I hadn’t gotten new glasses in about twelve years. See, the last time I got glasses my prescription was like a -8.5 or something. And the optician or optometrist or whatever ordered my glasses in a -8, because he claimed “glasses correct your vision better than contacts.” Which is utter crap. I have no idea what he was thinking there. So the upshot was I had glasses that really didn’t correct my vision enough, so I hardly wore them. besides, they weren’t the kinds of frames I wanted anyway.

I’ve worn glasses pretty much all my life, starting in kindergarten. And I always dreamed of having a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses, even as a little kid. My parents wouldn’t let me. Because my mom usually picked my frames–and, in her defense, because it was the 80’s–I always ended up with these horrible, enormous pastel-colored frames that covered half my face and made me look like a small blonde insect. As I got older, I still dreamed of getting black frames but nobody made them, or my mom wouldn’t let me.

They make them now. So I don’t care how hipster they’ve become or whatever. I’ve wanted them forever, and I finally got them. Yay me!

Cut to a few days ago, when I decided it would be really fun to buy a wig. Because I like to experiment with hair colors etc. but it’s a lot of effort and if it doesn’t work out, well, you’re stuck. So I hopped over to, and ordered me some wigs. Two of them came yesterday.

So without further ado, here we have Stacia’s wigs-n-glasses expo/fashion show (No, that isn’t a backdrop, it is the view out that window):

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  • What Stace had to say on Friday, January 9th, 2009
    If you have a few minutes, come help me choose a picture

    So apparently I need another one of those Author Photo thingies for my books and my website and all that stuff.

    I’ve posted a few options over on the livejournal; want to come help me decide? I have a definite favorite but I thought I’d open it up to other opinions.

    Come on over and ogle me! And comment!

    You can use Open Id or just comment as anon and tell me who you are, if you want.